Colloidal Crystallization in 2D and 3D:
The Quest for Novel Materials

Orlin D. Velev

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware


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1. Introduction

1.1. Building blocks
1.2. Unique properties of the ordered colloidal systems

2. Two-dimensional colloidal assembly in thin liquid films

2.1 General schematics
2.2 Convective assembly in wetting films aim and experimental
2.3 Convective assembly in wetting films uncovered driving forces
2.4 Controlled multilayer assembly
2.5 Controlled multilayer assembly multilayers and optical properties
2.6 Multilayer optical properties II
2.7 Summary of results for wetting films
2.8 Assembly in wetting films onto fluorinated oil
2.9 Assembly in free foam films cell schematics
2.10 Assembly in foam films microscopic sequence
2.11 Capillary forces in foam films pair interactions
2.12 Capillary forces particle-meniscus interactions
2.13 Summary of results for foam films

3. Assembly on the surfaces of emulsion droplets and liposomes

3.1 Latex supraparticle assembly - schematics
3.2 Latex supraparticles - data
3.3 Ferritin assembly on liposomes
NEW! The latest Science paper is accessible through the assembly page

4. Three dimensional assembly in the vicinity of surfaces.

4.1 General schematics
4.2 Symmetry control

5. From colloidal structures to solid state materials.

5.1 Turning the colloidal crystals into materials
5.2 Replication of the structure of colloidal crystals into porous silica schematics
5.3 Porous silica experimental
5.4 Porous silica optical pictures
5.5 SEM of the colloidal crystal templates
5.6 SEM of the formed porous material
5.7 Porous silica 3D micrograph
5.8 Pore size control
5.9 TGA porosity analysis
5.10 Porous silica summary
5.11 Subsequent developments in the field
NEW! Nanostructured porous gold via colloidal crystal templates

6. Protein crystals as 3D colloidal matrices

6.1 Strategies for creating functional protein matrices
6.2 Photochemical micromachining of protein crystals
NEW! Supplementary material to the Adv. Mater. paper

7. In situ assembly of miniaturized immunosensor chips

NEW! Overview of the biosensor work


Concluding remarks

List of publications


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