About this talk and the author


This web-site contains a digest of the research on colloidal crystallization and related novel materials that I have made in collaboration with quite a few people and in quite a few places around the world. Most of this research is published, and some of it seems to have made a lasting impact in the field; however some has never been presented at conferences or even published. After presenting a couple of invited seminars in US universities, I found out that there is a pronounced interest in this study both from people inside and outside the colloidal community. Therefore, I decided to post the streamlined (albeit simplified) overview of the results on the Web. The core of the material are the slightly modified transparencies for my talks. A detailed review paper is now under preparation to be sent to Advances in Colloid and Interface Science.

Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me any questions, comments, criticism or suggestions. Reprint requests are, of course, also welcome. Be invited to visit my personal web-page. Finally ... I am still exploring some new aspects in this field. I am always open to research collaboration with highly professional individuals or institutions.


Most important of all, I hope you find something interesting or new in these pages.


Orlin D. Velev, Dec. 1998





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