The 82nd ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

Sessions, Organizers and Speakers

Soft Matter at Interfaces
Organizers: Nicholas Abbott & Jan Genzer
Keynote/invited: Manoj Chaudhury, Igal Szleifer
Self-Assembly of Surfactants and Biomolecules
Organizers: Bohdana Discher & Steven Wrenn Keynote/invited: Dganit Danino, Mathias Winterhalter, Jeffrey Buboltz, Kristi Kiick, C. Ted Lee, Jr., Ting Xu
Life Science Applications
Organizers: Norma Alcantar & Raymond Tu
Keynote/invited: Gero Decher, Molly Stevens
Nanoscale Synthesis
Organizers: Ilona Kretzschmar & Hong Yang
Keynote/invited: Vicky Colvin, Younan Xia, Bartosz Grzybowski, Brian Korgel, Catherine Murphy, Raymond Schaak
Nanoscale and Microscale Engineering
Organizers: Chekesha Liddell & Darrell Velegol
Keynote/invited: Michael Bevan, Frank Caruso, Vinothan Manoharan, Younan Xia
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Electrokinetic Phenomena and Microfluidics
Organizers: Patrick Doyle & Dimiter Petsev
Keynote/invited: Annie Colin, Gary Slater
Rheology of Colloids and Interfaces
Organizers: Saad Khan & Michael Solomon
Keynote/invited: Robert Prudhomme
Environmental Applications and Natural Colloids
Organizers: Robert Tilton & Orlando Rojas
Keynote/invited: James Saiers
Surface Science and Catalysis
Organizers: Henry Lamb & Jason Weaver
Keynote/invited: Charles Mullins
General Papers in Colloid Science
Organizers: Michael Bevan & Joelle Frechette
Keynote/invited: Vesselin Paunov
Poster Session
Organizers: Michael Dickey & Sonia Grego

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