The 82nd ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

The mission of this forum was to bring together scientists working in the fields of colloid, surface and pharmaceutical sciences in order to share knowledge and experiences.


Colloid and surface science research is an integral part of each step in the process of drug formulation. Current research into bio/pharmaceutical products requires improved understanding of colloidal processes and structures. Academic researchers who can provide much needed fundamental insight may not be aware of the problems and goals of the industrial scientists. The exchange of ideas and discussion of emerging opportunities by experts from both fields will be beneficial for problem solving and also developing novel methods for drug formulation and delivery.

This discussion forum will be the first of its kind at this Symposium. By attracting pharmaceutical and bioprocess development scientists from both academia and industry the forum will make it possible to present and discuss their work in the context of the most recent developments in both venues. In order to promote the free dissemination of the latest ideas and trends, the participants will be able to present a scientific problem or research goal without being required to disclose the specific details that may cause confidentiality problems.


The forum will take place during the last day of the Symposium. Each session will start with an invited lecture from an expert in the field, which be followed by either a few short contributed papers (10-15 min talk) or a poster session. It will combine an approximately equal number of invited and contributed talks and a concurrent poster session. The participants can present their approach to solving a specific scientific problem without disclosing proprietary details. A discussion table will facilitate the exchange of ideas and information and forging of collaborative contacts.
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