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Colloid Science and Nanoscale Engineering - TU Berlin

Web resources

Web tutorials, demos, and other resources

Web-based textbook in Interfacial Engineering
(accesible from EOS computers):

DLVO demo
- This is an interactive Flash* movie made by Brian Prevo demostrating the interplay of van der Waals attraction and electrostatic repulsion for colloidal particles at different ionic strengths. For either case, the Hamaker, A, constant was chosen to represent polystyrene (log A = -20), the particle diameter is 100 nm, the surface potential is in the "low" regime, at 15 mV, and the solvent medium (water) has a 1:1 electrolyte like NaCl. As the ionic strength changes, the degree of electrostatic stabilization changes.


Useful databases

Professional reference sites
- An information resource for nanoparticle technology

The Sol-Gel Gateway
- Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists, Device Technologists, and Industrial Engineers can exchange and gather information.


Journal links

Colloids journals


Related general and nanoscience journals

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